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Le Best Days With My Friends

Aloha !! It's been ages since last I posted an entry .. That was absolutely AWESOME ! Just a bit lazy to update, but from now on I can't promise but I'll post three or four entries a month . That's not a lot, but still ... 

I just want to share with those who reads my blog actually no one . I'm going to promote it =) Here's some pictures of my friends and I were having so much fun together ! Enjoy :)

I really hope that the friendship between my friends and I will long lasting until death separate us . Amin
Here you go ::: scroll down :::

Sitting on the chair : Farisha, Me, Aqilah
Sitting on the ground : Syairah, Izzaidah


Aqilah and Me

Me and Afifah

Friendship Pizza

Aqilah and Farisha

Farisha, Me and Aqilah

Farisha and Aqilah


Showing the pizza that has been cooked by ......

Aqilah's shoes, Izzaidah's shoes and Fifi's shoes

Syairah and Farisha (holding the BB)

Aqilah and Me

Farisha and Sahira

Me and Aqilah

Afifah and Sahira


Syairah and Izzaidah



Time to dig in
 Tanpa sahabat, hidup kita pasti sepi. Tanpa sahabat, segala gelak tawa tidak dapat dihasilkan tanpa lawak jenaka daripada rakan-rakan. Tanpa sahabat, siapalah kita. Tanpa sahabat, tiada siapa yang akan menjadi khalifah. Tanpa sahabat, dunia tiada keceriangan.

The end of the story, be a true friend. You don't lose anything by being a good friend. 


Bismillahiramanirrahim... Hari nie agak best sebab dapat keluar dengan kawan-kawan except WNA and CGA. But it's okay, next time maybe. Alright, so tadi first pergi library. Buat apa lagi selain study. Okay subject hari nie CHEMISTRY. Okay laa tapi x se-serius mana pun. Sebab spm tahun depan. Huuu , make me so scared to face it -.- Then about 12.30 pm camtu, tetiba perut semua dah menyanyi lagu hindustan, apa lagi. Time to eattttttt :) Huh! Kenyang dan layanan kedai tu baik aa, pesanan pun cepat sampai. Tapi makanan dia tak freee *muka blurr boboiboy,yaya,gopal,ying* Okayyyyyy, Lepassssssssslepasssssssslepassssss tuuuuuuuuuu singgah sat ke KFC utk membeli krushers sambil bersembang2, bersnapping2 and bergaming2... Orang pertama yg balik Najhan dan diikuti oleh Fadirah, me, Sim and Pipah. Sooooooooooooooo, here's the picturesssssssssss.

*Oooopsss, kami tak cantik tapi comellllssssssssss :P

 Syairah bt Ismail @ Musa
 ~ , Noor Fadirah bt Fadzail
 Nurul Afifah bt Zamri
 Norafifi bt Che Ali @ Bahari

Well, what i said is all correct. Haha. Yes, but I have these two people didn't come today. Scroll a little bt down .....

 Norisma Farisha bt Norisham
Wan Nur Aqilah bt Wan Abd Rizal

Insyallah next week kitorang akan comtinue balik study with Aqilah and Farisha. Yeah(Y). Allright, today I stay up all night. Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, it come to the end of the entry. Goodbye and may you have a nice dreams in ur sleep.

Wooopppppssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!! toink toink . I'm jumpinggggg to see you there and there xoxo

who'z that girl ?????? trolololo

Don't make me piss off as I would hate you and never like you back. Watch Out :x Well, I'm a human and has feelings. My feelings towards youuuuu is just HATEEEEEEEEEE !!! You know? Don't make jokes if it only hurt others feelingss. errrrrrrrrrr -,- I want to sleep as I need to throw away my anger .. Anyeong >_<