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umph ! don't know yet ! haha

hye ! how r u? good or K.O ?
okay, i don't know what to say right now because i'm totally speechless , so i decide to update my blog as i don't have to speak and i just have to type it.
what ? what ? what ?
i'm asking myself why i'm being like this ! 
but let's put aside that question because this morning i have an academic valley program at my school
hostel and it's quite interesting as i have to sit in front of the teacher.
so, i can't speak too much there, but ....
nothing larh !
Last Wed , i miss my SHOWDOWN ! it's final okay ?
ugh ! i'm mad with myself.
but it was my "lumrah hidup" dalam eng apa eik ? 
HuH ! ermm ! what to type hah?
okay i want to give u to see this picture !
see ya ! read ? if u rajin larh :)

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