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my favourite subject ever ♥

♥ hey dear 
how are you guys? good? bored like me?
today, i would like to talk or tell you about my favorite subject since i'm 7 until now i'm 15.
it is MATHEMATICS . em, well many people dislike math, they said math is very hard, cant fathom the question, it kills me and what so ever ..
but for me , 
agree with me ?
why i can say like that?
it is because i have set in my head that math is like piece of cake. so, it will be easy.
trust me! if you do like that, then you'll get math A++ . but sometimes it can be hard, and you don't have to worry , as long as you understand the concept, it will be fine.
since i am at primary school, the teachers who teach math is interesting, so i can focus in their lesson. that's why i can like math the most .
when im form 4 next year, i'll choose account "maybe". i'm confused whether choose math or science, both of them have their own advantage.
em, i think i'll choose account. 
guys, please support me okay ?
i don't want to disappoint my parents in exam next year if i choose the wrong course, then i fail. oh no! that can't be happen.. 
i want to be the best person ever, i want to genius in math mod and add math like ady putra.
he is my idol. 

lets pen off now, i want to take my bath because it is very hot outside so i have to keep fresh .

be like me . haha #rubbish#

rubbish = not sampah it means nonsence
hehe. mcm lah ampa suma xtahu mksd rubbish tu kan.

okay enough talking ! let's stop here.
bye , don't hate me , i ♥ you guys especially my friends at smkdsa :)