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goodbye 2011, hello 2012


still not late for me to say HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR !!!

i'm very happy because everybody celebrate my 16th birthday, thanks yeah ? #perasan gilooss minahh nehh.

I hope this year all my ambitions, dreams and hopes come true. Also I'll make my parents smile and proud to have me in their life.

I feel like yesterday i register to a kindergarten but today I'm SIXTEEN ! hoho

Heyy you Mr/Miss 2012, please yea be nice, polite, smile and everything that can make me happy. I don't want to be sad.

This year I want to study more hard than last year, I want to be more hardworking compared to 2011.

But in fact I still confuse thinking which course I should take this year. Some people said to me that I should choose the course due to my ambition.

In that case maybe I should take account because I want to an accountant but taking Science course have many advantage. We do have many opportunity in choosing job in the future.

Ugh ! I don't want to think about it anymore, after the orientasion then I'll think again.

Welll, yesterday is my birthday right ? I'm glad my fb friends wish me there but one of friend forget my birthday. Huhuu :(

He text me and said : Wei, esok birthday ag an?
I reply him : Apa kata ag p tengok kalendar hari nie berapa h/b?
He reply : Ari nie 1, awat ?

Ohmy, he forgot my birthday just like that ! But it's okay, I don't mind and angry with him. I'm just saddddd !

How dare he do that to me ? #sounds mad but actually NOT

K enough about that !

Let's talk about other topic. Heyyou, know what ?

ft island is coming here this 14th January ! 
Of course LEE HONG KI and the geng come hereee ! He's cute, right ?

If I stay at K.L or Selangor, I'll come to the concert. But the reality is I'm just in Perlis.. <~ Hey girl, just stop dreaming!

They must be awesomee in their live show. Oh actually the holiday time is still left a day. Then a day after tomorrow I come back "enjoying" studying at school.

Kay boii -.-

i miss my friend damn mucchh ! i hope they miss me too and I LOVE THEM <3
NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK, BEAUTIFUL right this lovely blog ? #say yes quick. LOL,joke !