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heyy hoo ! feeling good ? i'm good heree..

today as usual i go to school and i have bio, physics and math.. my physics teacher don't teach anything because he had to attend the rehearsal for the THAILAND student to my school. you know what ? anyone who involve in the program, will get 20 marks for the cocuriculum. they're so lucky. yeah! bad for me because i'm not involve..  huhu

it's okay, *i don't mind*. this year is a year where i can take part many competition. people says FORM 4 IS HONEYMOON. i don't think so, because all the student is not married yet, so NO HONEYMOON. harhar!

about almost 10 am at school today, Shuhadha' came by surprise. I'm shocked and in a cloud nine because I miss her very much. izzat come after her. but i don't have a chance to speak to him, it's okayy laa. today's lesson is quite interesting especially math. as u know, i do love math. also add math ;')

i'm totally in love with him 

he steal my heart . auws !

he is very cute and handsome, his smile make me melt. :)

i don't know what to say anymore. just want to say BYE ! good luck fer u