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hello everyone :) hey, i'm smiling right now. want to see it ? u want ??? no! u can't see my "fake" smile. i'm not happy at all right now. i feel like want to run far away from people and live alone where people don't know me. if u read my previous entry, u must know what i'm feeling at this moment. people in this era are all aweSOME. they can act as an actor or an actress while they're not. yea, it's LIARS i mean. sometimes we called it hypocrite. i'm sure several of you may have friends like this. 

"friends are like sugarcane"
"break it"
"squeeze it"
"you will only get the sweetness"

so, do find friend indeed is a friend in need. friends like this will not disappoint you. they will be with us when we're happy or not. I also want my friends to be like this. I want to laugh and cry together. I don't want to miss even a moment with my friends. Yes, I do love all my friends. 

I know that not all people like me and not all people hate me. I realize that fact. I beg for those who assume me as one of your friends, please do tell me when I'm wrong so that I will know my mistake. If you're not telling then you will blame me for not doing the right thing. I don't want to be like that. Okay, adequate about friends.

check check 1,2,3. I want to announce that tonight is ABPBH. Yahoo! I must watch the event. Don't forget to watch it ya !
I guess it might be Lisa Surirumah *oopss sorry, Lisa Surihani will get the title The Most Popular Star in Malaysia. I do fan her a lot because she's quite funny and her acting is good. So, the conclusion is I like her. I'm not doing my homework right now, so now I want to continue do it. Bye and see ya <3